As any tool user knows, keeping your tools and your work space organized is vital to working at your best Universal twist-lock socket set organizer tray with 2 socket rails. Perfect for storage in the drawer, on the bench, or on the go. Twist-Lock clips keep sockets secured for transport and prevent tool loss. Includes 30 clips for 1/4-inch drive sockets; holds 30 sockets. Measures 19.75 inches by 3.63 inches by 1 inch Push button release to remove any rail Comes with: 1 Socket Boss Tray 2 Universal Socket rails 30 Twist Lock Socket Clips 192 ID stickers Made in USA and has a Lifetime Warranty These come in 1/4, 3/8 and 3/4 inch drives. Ernst 8452 Item 26356 FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. ONLY

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