Plastic IBC Tote Potable for water Durable, yet light weight for easy transport when empty Screw on lid Additional spout near bottom edge Clean 275 Gallon capacity With metal cage We can get large quantities of totes for special orders – call 891-1495. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY – THESE IBC TOTES CANNOT BE SHIPPEDPay here first and pick up totes at our store in Chico. Skyway Tool Center is located at the corner of Bruce Road and the Skyway in Chico. For quantities over 2 please call 891-1495 to make sure we have them in stock and we will have them ready for you when you arrive. Pay for them here and pick up at the store.275 Gallon IBC Tote

Weight 100 kg

IBC Tote, 275 Gallon, Food Gra...


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