Brake & Engine Cylinder Hone Set Features and Benefits: Multi – purpose hone set includes three complete hones and one set of 2′ stonesComplete hone for brake, master and wheel cylinders 3/4′ through 2-1/2′ capacity, with 1-1/8′ medium grit stonesComplete hone for small car brake wheel cylinders 1/2′ through 1-3/4′ capacity, with two 1-1/8′ medium grit stonesComplete hone for disc brake caliper honing 1-1/4′ through 3-1/2′ capacity, with 3/4′ medium grit stones Also ideal for lawn and garden small engine cylinder honing when used with three 2′ medium grit stones included. KDT3029 KDT 3029 KD3029 KD 3029

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KD 3029 Brake & Engine Cy...


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