Lifetime Guarantee.   Serious about getting a great setup for your hose cutting projects? Get the V8 3001 Dual Purpose Radiator Hose Cutting Tool Cuts large diameter hoses up to 2-1/2″ Comes with the cutter and two blades for one low cost! V8 3001 and ATD 901 are the same tool, made by the same company Lifetime Guarantee OSHA approved Cutting a radiator hose may seem like its easy to do with your pocket knife, but people have cut off body parts along with the hose.  Play it safe and use this dual purpose radiator hose cutter.  This tool will be a convenience to your work day that will keep you working in a safe way. We sell the replacement blades for this hose cutter set and they are very easy to replace, but this set comes with one blade already mounted onto the hose cutter and a replacement blade for down the road. We’ve sold hundreds of these across the United States to The Travel Centers of America Truck Stops. They are 100% OSHA approved and the truck mechanics love them!The V8 3001 is the same as the ATD 901. The same radiator hose cutter tool has two different product code numbers because V8 Tools manufactures the V8 3001-Set and the ATD 901  V8 3001-Set

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Dimensions 4 × 14 cm

Radiator Hose Cutter Set V8 3...


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